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Bird & Bat Control

Birds and bats can pose numerous challenges to commercial facilities. Birds often roost on building ledges and rooftops, perch in niches and on signs and build nests on your property. Bats often live in attics. Their droppings are dangerous and can carry diseases. Bird droppings are a leading cause of slip and fall accidents in commercial facilities and can spoil an entire tractor trailer load of grain. Additionally, both birds and bats’ actions can cause extensive equipment damage, needlessly clog vents and even reduce property values.

Our bird and bat control methods are designed to provide effective removal and repair with minimal disruption to your business.


Take advantage of cutting edge technology: Our staff use the most effective and up-to-date bird and bat control methods available.

Eradicate health and safety issues: Birds and their droppings have been linked to over 40 known viruses and 60 transmittable diseases. Enough said.

Biological controls and common-sense strategies reduce sources of food, water and shelter.

Provide peace of mind: We’ll thoroughly survey your property and remove nesting and roosting sites, including fire hazard-prone nesting materials and clean droppings. We’ll then design a customized bird control or bat control strategy.

We provides year-round maintenance to keep birds and bats away

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