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Company Background

AZM Pest Control is a part of AZM Global Solution Sdn Bhd business. The company was originally known as AZM Global Solution Resources where the business was registered since early of 2012. However, due to strengthen the management operations and business upgrades, AZM Global Solution Sdn Bhd Company has been incorporated on 26th February 2018.

As a professional Pest Control Operator, the company had fulfilled and obtained all the legal requirement by the Government and successfully registered as a professional Pest Control Operator (PCO). The team is supported by a group of experienced and qualified personnel with Pesticide Applicator License (PAL) and Assistant Pesticide Applicator Licenses (APAL) and dedicated towards their respective responsibility assigned. For the product and treatment process advice, the company are supported by reputable principals and good cooperation with the accredited suppliers for chemicals and treatment process updates.

We provide services to extermination of pests in office buildings, residential buildings, private house, hotel, restaurants, grocery, store, school, hospital, airport facilities, warehouse, constructions site etc. The services covered the extermination of cockroaches, rodents, ant, termites, mosquito, flies and other pest control needed.

We are also very much concerned about safety and health for our customers. Hence, we will recommend the best treatment methods as well as the use of approved chemical. In addition, for the wellbeing of workers, they are supplied and are required to wear the right protective protection equipment during the treatment process.

The company is based in Kelantan and the focus is to provide the best pest control services throughout Malaysia. The company has expanded the operation to Klang Valley area by stationed the expert to assist Customers.

COMPANY MISSION: Protect our customers’ health and property by providing valuable, high quality solutions delivered by passionate professionals.

COMPANY VISION: To be the best Pest Control service provider and aim to provide speedy, efficient and safe services to all their customers.

OBJECTIVE: Satisfy Customer’s needs by solving their pest issue

CORE VALUES: Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, Punctual, Commitment

QUALITY POLICY: Ensure the continuous of improvement process as a base of support for the company in providing efficient, flexible and that preserve the confidentiality of the treatments required by the client.

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