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Rodent Control

1) Tracking powder

– Tracking powder would be one very effective approach in bringing rodents under control. This odourless powder will place at the entry point & along their regular travelling passageway and will stick on their fur without any notice when they pass by and consume it when they clean their fur and body.

2) Baiting

– Baiting can be use to control rats also. The baits cause them to haemorrhage and die between 4-10 days after consumption. The newer rodenticides are more persistent and may give rise to secondary poisoning.

3) Mechanical traps and glue boards

– Mechanical traps and glue boards may also be used in combination with baiting especially for places where baiting is not recommended or cannot be carried secondary poisoning.

4) Additional Methods

– Proofing of building structures should be carried out such as gaps under the door, window and holes in the ceiling must be sealed to prevent rats entry as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

– Sanitation is important and should be done to deprive the rodents of food and water.

– Ultrasonic Rat Expeller with multi-frequency modulated sounds repels rats effectively

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