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Termite Control Methods

1) Pre-construction soil treatment

– Treatment is carried out when the building is still under construction. Termiticide is sprayed over the entire built up area after compaction and just before laying of the concrete floor slab.
– This conventional treatment can only last between 2-3 years depending on the type of termiticide used. The termiticide cannot last forever and once the chemical bio-degrade in the soil there is no more protection.

2) Post Construction Soil Treatment

– This involves having to drill holes into the floor along walls and also along the perimeter of the building and pumping insecticide into the soil under the slab.
– Termites coming into contact with the chemical barrier would be killed.
– This treatment can last between 3-5 years depending on the type of termiticide used for the treatment.

3) Baiting & colony elimination system

– Baiting and colony elimination is the latest technology having been introduced into Malaysia in the year 2000. It takes advantage of the behaviour of termites.
– Baiting with Chlorfluazuron will result in colony elimination. The baiting process takes between 30-90 days from the date the termites start to feed on the bait matrix.
– It is by far the most effective termite control system available today. However, this system can only be recommended for use on the subterranean termite species called Coptotermes sp.
– This baiting system does not require drilling and pumping of chemicals in the building or in the house therefore the flooring will not be damaged at all.
– The chemical Chlorfluazuron is an insect growth regulator (IGR) and is therefore friendlier to the environment and the people around it.

4) Residue Spraying

– This method is not much recommended as it may be cause greater problems in the future especially when the termites attack other parts of the building or the house which is inaccessible or cannot be easily detected.
– Spot treatment using different termiticides will not solve the termite colony problem. The termites will merely retreat and move away to another spot where there is food.
– Treatment with incorrect termiticides may leave behind a strong repellency which takes months to disappear. After the smell is gone, the termites may eventually come back again

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